Dunn-Edwards Store Update

Store Update

In our continuing effort to protect the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and communities, we are implementing the following Store Procedures throughout our locations, as best as possible. As you can imagine, some of these processes are entirely different ways of doing business, so we appreciate your patience and support.

Access to the Stores

  • To the best extent possible, we are taking some steps to guide and control access into our stores to meet the 6’ social distancing guidelines and provide opportunities to keep the store clean and disinfected.
  • For stores with multiple entrances, we are directing customers to the main entrance. Weather permitting, the doors will be kept open to help customers avoid having to touch them when entering or exiting the store.
  • As much as possible, store employees will be stationed outside the main entrance of the store where upon seeing a customer pull into a parking lot, they will meet at your vehicle, take your order, and bring it out to you.
  • If customers proceed to the main entrance, employees will be limiting the number of people into the store from 3 to 5 at a time. Areas will be marked both inside and outside the stores to help customers meet the 6’ social distancing guidelines.
  • All waiting tables and chairs are being removed from the sales floor.

Will-Call/Curbside & Delivery Orders

  • For will-call orders, please call us when you are in the parking lot and we will bring your order out to your vehicle.
  • For deliveries, we are suggesting contractors use our free delivery service for as many future orders as possible, to avoid having to visit a store.

Color Advisor Consultations

  • We are suspending in-store color consultations services, at this time. Our color advisors are available by phone and email to assist with color selection. If customers need color chips, social distancing areas will be marked around color displays.

Again, we appreciate your patience and support during this challenging period. If you have any additional feedback and/or suggestions, please be sure to share them with your local D-E representative.

Thank you,

Dunn-Edwards Paints

Community Updates regarding COVID-19

Dear AMA Homeowners,

Due to safety concerns with the COVID-19, the Aviara Master Association offices has implemented new internal office policies, which we have posted on our office front door and also noted below.
Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to assure you that our office is taking additional steps for your safety and ours. Beyond the daily janitorial cleanings, our office staff is also using bleach wipes to clean all doorknobs, chairs, armrests, and other usable surfaces throughout our office and conference room daily. Any homeowners choosing to attend the meeting will be asked to follow these guidelines:

  • We recommend having an appointment with our staff for your visit to lessen over-crowding in the office.
  • If you have a cough, chills, fever, or difficulty breathing, we ask that you stay at home until these symptoms have disappeared before entering our office.
  • Certain activities are essential to the functioning of our office and must continue. We appreciate your understanding in these safety matters.
  • Please enter at your own risk.

Based on suggested recommendations, we are planning for next weeks’ Monthly Board Meeting and the Annual Meeting & Elections with your safety and concerns in mind. We will be scheduling the delegates who volunteered to represent their sub-associations in a small, clean environment working individually, and not in a group atmosphere. The office will be holding a VERY condensed and minimal monthly board meeting open to the homeowners, starting at 3:30PM. However, Board Members are being given the opportunity to call into the meeting in a conference call, rather than attend in person, should they choose to do so. We plan to be completed with this session prior to the 5:00 PM scheduled Annual Meeting & Election Announcement, which should last 20-30 minutes before we adjourn.

We appreciate your interest and involvement with the Aviara Master Association (AMA) and Community. However, we are asking any homeowner who has business with the AMA to feel free to write a letter, email or mail a letter to us at the office, instead of attending the meeting. All correspondences will be forwarded to the board members. Our office staff and Board of Directors appreciates your restraint and involvement at the AMA offices for the coming weeks during this sensitive time.

Working to help keep Aviara a prestigious place to live, work, and play!

Kaye Dinielli | General Manager

Emergency Watering in Groves 33 & 97

Warning Sign

This notice is to inform you about the infestation of the red gum lerp psyllid (RLP) located on some red gum eucalyptus trees in groves 33 & 97.

Aviara Master Association has been working with an approved certified arborist to address the issue. The best management practice of a deep soak has been recommended to follow for the RLP. Therefore, an emergency watering will begin in groves 33 and 97 on Friday, August 2, 2019.

Please find attached a copy of Aviara Master Association Grove Map highlighting groves 33 and 97. For reference, these groves can be found on both sides of Kestrel, just NE of Batiquitos.

Please not use trails in Groves 33 and 97 until further notice.